Consumer behaviorGfK-study indicates differences in regional purchase power for holiday trips

On the occasion of the current ITB Tourist Fair in Berlin, today the German Society for Consumer Research (GfK) published its study "GfK Urlaubsreisenkaufkraft Deutschland 2017". The study examines the regional purchasing power for five different ways to travel (e.g., city and active trips). The results are based on the GfK mobility monitor, which anonymously measures the travel expenses of a representative sample of 19,000 households in Germany. The study come to the following results:

  • In Germany, about five percent of the total purchasing power is spent on holiday trips. This amounts to travel expenditures of 1,020 Euros per capita, thereby exceeding the purchasing power for automobiles (835 Euros).
  • The popularity of different ways to travel is unequally distributed across regions. While cruises are particularly popular in the north, sports and wellness trips are preferred in the south of Germany.
  • The largest per capita purchasing power for holiday trips can be measured in cities – Regensburg, Berlin and Munich constitute the top three.

Dörte Nordbeck, Head of Travel & Logistics at GfK in Germany, commented: "The demonstrated regional differences even impressed us as GfK. For most ways to travel, the potential in cities is vastly different from the potential in more rural areas. Further, the differences between South and North Germany as well as between eastern and western regions reveal great potential for travel operators to regionally target their marketing and distribution activities."

Source: German Society for Consumer Research (GfK)

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