German Network Consumer Research constituted

On World Consumer Day the German Federal Minister for Consumer Protection Ilse Aigner announced the creation of a “Network Consumer Research”. Today the Network met for a constitutional meeting in Berlin. 

The objective of the meeting was to exchange views about the state of consumer research in Germany, to identify gaps in current research and to discuss how the network should operate in the future.

In her opening remarks Federal Minister Aigner emphasised the necessity to strengthen consumer research.  The objective should be to base consumer policy increasingly on evidence in order to better protect consumers and to enable them to make conscious decisions.

Further input was given by the following people:

  • Dr. Grugel, Director General at the BMELV: Presentation of the new office for the coordination of the network at the BVL
  • Gerd Billen, Executive Director of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations: Consumer research in Germany - political debate and expectations of consumer organisations
  • Prof. Lucia Reisch, Copenhagen Business School / Zeppelin University: State of Consumer Research in the social sciences in Germany
  • Prof. Schmidt-Kessel, University of Bayreuth: Consumer research as a basis to enforce consumer rights
  • Prof. Peter Kenning, Zeppelin University: Consumer research from the viewpoint of behavioural- and neuroeconomics

The key result of the meeting was that the participants recognized the need to improve collaboration. In spring next year the network will meet again. ConPolicy Director Dr Christian Thorun is a member of the network.


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Source: ConPolicy - Institute for Consumer Policy