UBAFurther development of strategies against obsolescence including legal instruments

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Friedhelm Keimeyer, Tobias Br├Ânneke, Rainer Gildeggen, Peter Gailhofer, Kathrin Graulich, Siddharth Prakash, Cara-Sophie Scherf, Ralph Schmitt & Nadja Schwarz

Release date:
June 2020

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), writing series 115/2020

The aim of the project on which this report is based is to develop regulatory strategies against obsolescence, which should contribute in particular to prolonging the usability and service life of products. This will in the long-term lead to a more sustainable and efficient handling of products. The study fundamentally considers both civil and public legal instruments. In particular, it focusses on the improvement of repair conditions, the introduction of a guarantee of durability, the extension of non-conformity rights and the legal standing of environmental associations. In addition, various parameters relating to product lifetimes were to be analysed in order to formulate corresponding information requirements for manufacturers. Based on the results, proposals for concrete legal and technical formulation as well as implementation were developed with a focus on the EU level.

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