Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann, S. et al.Front-of-pack nutrition labelling schemes: A comprehensive review

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Stefan Storcksdieck genannt Bonsmann, Ginevra Marandola, Emanuele Ciriolo, Rene van Bavel & Jan Wollgast

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Joint Research Centre (JRC), Publications office of the European Union

This JRC Science for Policy report was produced in support of a Commission report on front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labelling. It provides a review of the scientific literature concerning FOP nutrition labelling and its effects on consumers, food business operators, and the single market. A major emphasis is placed on consumer attention, preferences, and understanding of different FOP schemes, as well as effects on food purchasing and implications for diet and health. The report also considers in how far producer efforts on food reformulation and innovation may be affected by the introduction of FOP nutrition labelling schemes, describes potential unintended consequences of introducing FOP nutrition labelling, and highlights knowledge gaps and directions for future research. An extensive, yet non-exhaustive overview of FOP schemes around the globe complements the literature review.

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