ABIDAForever anonymous: How to prevent de-anonymization?

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abida – Assessing Big Data, report 01IS15016A-F

In dealing with the more and more increasing amounts of data in the digital age, anonymization and pseudonymization are important tools – both in order to live up to the interests of the data subject as well as legal requirements. But the practical application of these tools is complicated by the nature of such large amounts of data. For instance, how can anonymization become permanent, when the ever increasing amount of data can be used to draw conclusions about the person concerned? This ABIDA report deals with the question of how practically a reliable anonymization and pseudonymisation can be ensured over a longer period of time. To this end, the legal background will be explained and techniques for anonymization and pseudonymization will be presented. Subsequently, the concept of a data trustee is presented as a technical organizational solution proposal.

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