Luchs, M., Phipps, M., & Hill, T. Exploring consumer responsibility for sustainable consumption

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Luchs, M., Phipps, M., & Hill, T. 

Release Date:
July 2015

Release Date:
Journal of Marketing Management, Vol. 31, Issue 13-14, pages 1449-1471


This article advances the understanding of sustainable consumption by focusing on the emerging concept of consumer responsibility for sustainable consumption (CRSC). Employing a recent scale of consumer’s ‘felt responsibility’ for sustainable consumption, the authors begin with the results of an empirical study intended to determine how CRSC relates to the established sustainable consumption attitude–behaviour gap. Guided by the insight gained from these results, they proceed with exploring a broader, multidimensional conceptualisation of CRSC by synthesising research from a variety of domains and perspectives. The idea is that this exploration will inspire additional dialogue about the nature of CRSC, as well as enable development of a more refined scale to enable subsequent research. The authors believe that this, in turn, will promote future research and inform practice as the collective understanding of this important consumer construct continues to evolve.

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