Muster, V. et al.Evaluation of the National Program for Sustainable Consumption: Ex-ante analysis and short assessment of selected measures

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‪Viola Muster, Franziska Wolff, Nele Kampffmeyer, Rainer Grießhammer, Corinna Fischer, Christian Thorun, Ulf Schrader & Lucia A. Reisch

Release date:
November 2020

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), texts | 210/2020

The National Program on Sustainable Consumption (hereafter: NPNK) was adopted by the German Federal Government in February 2016 and shows how sustainable consumption in Germany should be promoted. The report presents an ex-ante evaluation of the NPNK. The term 'ex-ante evaluation' means that the programme will be evaluated in the form in which it was published in 2016, without taking into account that it has been continuously further developed and implemented. In addition, the results of an interim evaluation of twenty selected measures from the program are presented. The report’s introduction briefly presents the background of the evaluation and its methodology. This is followed by three assessment chapters: The first assessment relates to the NPNK’s overarching chapters (NPNK Chapters 1, 2, 3 & 5). Among other aspects, we evaluate the guiding principles of the program, its overarching action approaches and its institutional design. The second assessment focuses on the six areas of need (NPNK Chapter 4). The third part presents short evaluations of twenty selected measures. The report closes with a short conclusion. This report is part of a research project to evaluate and further develop policies for sustainable consumption.

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