European Consumer Day: Commission launches consumer awareness campaign

Just in time for the European Consumer Day on the 14th of March, the European Commission announced today the launch of a European consumer awareness campaign. The aim of this campaign is to:

  • Insure that consumers know their rights when shopping in their home country, one of the other EU member states or on the Internet.
  • Sufficiently inform consumers about where to turn to when having questions or problems. 

In this context, Viviane Reding (EU Vice President) said: “If businesses are the engine of the European economy, consumers are the drivers. If they feel confident, empowered and treated fairly they can shift the EU internal market into the highest gear – which is exactly what the European economy needs as it recovers from the financial crisis.”

On the occasion of the European Consumer Day Conference in Thessaloniki EU Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Neven Mimica affirmed: “European Consumer Day is about helping consumers realise their power, making them better aware of their rights and encouraging them to make full use of them in practice. This is the way to ensure that markets work for consumers and not the other way around.”

In the upcoming weeks, Mimica will start his “consumer mission” in countries that are not yet tapping the whole potential for supporting consumer rights. “This is an effort that requires commitment from many sides: governments, consumer organisations, business and media all have a responsibility for making sure that consumer rights do not just exist on paper.”


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Source: European Commission