SustainabilityEuropean Commission bans chemicals and microplastics from Ecolabel detergents

Today, the European Commission adopted changes in the Official Journal of the European Union regarding the ingredients of Ecolabel detergents in the EU. This will affect around 4,500 domestic detergents and 300 commercial detergents that are certified with the label.

These are the central points:

  • Detergents with the EU Ecolabel can no longer legally contain the following chemicals: Triclosan (linked to antimicrobial resistance), boric acid (harmful to sexual reproduction), nanosilver (linked to neurological disorders) and phosphates (cause algae growth that kills aquatic life).
  • All harmful fragrances are also banned from detergents.
  • Plastic packaging has to be made recyclable.

Respective manufacturers are now given 12 to 18 months to adjust their products or else they will lose the label. New applicants have to comply with these rules right from the beginning.

Monique Goyens, Director General of The European Consumer Organisation BEUC, noted: "A large number of harmful chemicals are coming out of ecolabel detergents as the rules get stricter and better. We know this will be popular, because official polls say that nearly half of the population is worried about chemicals in products. We’re really happy also to see microplastics being kicked out of these ecolabel products. Products will work just as well and won’t create a toxic legacy for future generations to clean up."

Source: BEUC

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