EU invites to consultation on personal data protection

On Thursday, 4th of November 2010, the EU-Commission published a Communication with proposals to reform EU privacy regulation. The Communication states that technological devleopments and globalization have brought new challenges for the protection of personal data.

To adapt the personal data protection framework to these new challenges, the EU-Commission suggests a range of measures in its Communication, such as:

  • To standardize privacy information notices to make them more understandable.
  • To introduce a „right to be forgotton“. This right should ensure that if data is no longer needed or individuals decide not to use a service any longer, that their data is deleted.
  • To clarify and strengthen rules on when consent is given in an informed way and freely.
  • To extend the power to bring an action before national courts to data protection authorities and to civil society associations, as well as to other associations representing data subjects’ interests. 

Citizens, experts and public authorities can comment on the proposals until 15th of January 2011.


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Source: DG Justice