Kreibe, S. et al.Environmental assessment of "intelligent" and "active" packaging in terms of recycling and conducting a dialogue with stakeholders in waste disposal and manufacturing industries

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Siegfried Kreibe, Thorsten Pitschke, Ruth Berkmüller, Monika Bokelmann, Andreas Förster, Cornelia Stramm & Astrid Pant

Release date:
March 2017

German Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), texts | 22/2017

Packaging is becoming increasingly complex and components are being increasingly used to improve their properties or to increase their functionality. These include, among others, coatings for extending the shelf life of foodstuffs or RFID chips for radio-frequency identification. However, the design of a packaging has a decisive influence on its recyclability. The aim of this project was therefore to collect the effects of "active" and "intelligent" packaging on recycling. Based on this, proposals were made for measures to ensure the high-quality material recycling of packaging waste.

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