Pfister, C., J. Ecke & R. PhilippsEnergy transition by means of phasing out coal-fired power – Prospects for consumers

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Christoph Pfister, Julius Ecke & Robert Philipps

Release date:
January 2020

Friedrich Ebert Foundation, WISO Diskurs 02/2020

The commission "Growth, structural change and employment" set up by the German Federal Government has drawn up a concrete plan for a socially responsible phase-out of coal in Germany. The coal commission's final report includes recommendations for the gradual reduction and termination of coal-fired power generation by 2038 at the latest, as well as recommendations for structural policy support for the regions concerned. On the one hand, the sector goal of the energy industry is to be achieved by 2030 (175 to 183 million t CO2), on the other hand, the affected regions are to be supported and transformed into model regions for innovative and at the same time renewable energies.

Since an integrated analysis of the “coal phase-out package” from a consumer perspective has not yet been available, this paper discusses key aspects of the coal phase-out and its consequences from the perspective of the consumer. How should the proposed measures be assessed from a consumer perspective? Which policy options are recommended for a consumer-friendly design of the energy transition? A first summation of the payment flows provided by the coal phase-out shows that this is a highly relevant issue for consumers.

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