Association 'Germany – safety online'DsiN Security Index 2016 – Digital security days for consumers in Germany

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Michael Littger, Nadine Grau & Tobias Weber

Release date:
June 2016 


Association 'Germany – safety online'

The DsiN Security Index 2016 improves for the second time in a row up to 65,4 index points.

Chapter 1 focuses on the background of this year's DsiN-index and considers the decline of security-relevant occasions regarding the threat level as well as the increased security competence and behavior of consumers regarding their level of protection.

Chapter 2 analyzes the security gap in the DsiN-index between different consumer types: The 'Fatalists' reach the lowest scores of 52,5 index points, while the 'Sovereigns' reach the highest score of 74,7 index points. The examination of consumer types reveals points of reference which forms a central evidence base in order to increase the security level by means of an individual approach in Germany. The crucial survey result is established in the observed discrepancy between knowledge as well as competences and actual security behavior of consumers. Still, all groups demonstrate a slight increase in security competence and behavior. There is an increased need for education and support for 60 per cent of German 'Onliners'.

Chapter 3 shows how this need grows even further, the more aspects of life are being interconnected and networked. For this, the DsiN-index analyzed for the first time the status-quo of networked and interconnected traffic areas, where consumers' uncertainty can be traced back to technological or other innovations.

Against this backdrop, chapter 4 discusses necessary measures for sensitizing, qualification and above all motivation for security competence and behavior online.

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