Santarius, T. et al.Digitalization and sustainability

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Tilman Santarius et al.

Release date:
February 2021

Ökologisches Wirtschaften, Volume 36, Nr. O1: Digitalization and sustainability

Future technology between resource consumption and opportunities for socio-ecological transformation – This journal 'Ökologisches Wirtschaften' focuses on different aspects of digitalization and sustainability and includes the following articles:

  • An ecological economics perspective on digitalization | Tilman Santarius, Maike Gossen & Friederike Rohde
  • A marriage story of digitalization and sustainability? | Maike Gossen, Friederike Rohde & Tilman Santarius
  • Policies to transform the Internet from marketplace to public space | Vivian Frick, Maike Gossen, Jonas Pentzien, Dominik Piétron & Rena Tangens
  • Promises and environmental risks of digital advertising | Harriet Kingaby
  • Design options for long-lasting, efficient and open hardware and software | Johanna Pohl, Anja Höfner, Erik Albers & Friederike Rohde
  • Open education and open source for sustainable economic activity | Maximilian Voigt
  • Digitalizing the energy system in a sustainable way | Swantje Gährs, Astrid Aretz, Friederike Rohde & Hendrik Zimmermann
  • Digital sufficiency as a principle for energy transition policies | Irmela Colaço
  • Sustainability challenges of Artificial Intelligence and policy omplications | Friederike Rohde, Maike Gossen, Josephin Wagner & Tilman Santarius
  • Artificial Intelligence for environmental and climate protection | Sarah-Indra Jungblut
  • Towards digital growth-independent societies | Josephin Wagner & Steffen Lange
  • Digital taxes for sustainable development? | Sarah Ganter

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