Stiftung Datenschutz (Ed.)Data protection in the connected vehicle

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Klaus Alpmann, Jeannette Anneser, Bruno Baeriswyl, Jakob Cremer, Daniel Gill, Roland Goetzke, Sebastian Greß, Manfred H. Heiss, Christopher Kaan, Wolfgang Kerber, Sarah Kinzler, Michael Kiometzis, August Markl, Günter Martin, Olaf Methner, Jakob Metzger, Lena Mischau, Julius Reiter, Sebastian Rudrich, Udo Scalla, Bénédict Schenkel, Matthias Schubert, Florian Springborn, Andrea Timmesfeld & Bernd Wagner

Release date:
May 2022

Erich Schmidt publishing, Berlin, DatenDebatten, Volume 4

Unobserved driving for free citizens? A retreat with personal freedom – for many people today, that is still the car, whose individual use is traditionally perceived as self-determined locomotion, especially in car country Germany. But what about informational self-determination when more and more systems in the vehicle are connected to external facilities for data storage and analysis? How much control over data streams and data analyses does the person driving have? How much personal data is there, how much is necessary – and what can be anonymized? The latest volume of DatenDebatten, which contains expert contributions across the entire spectrum of perspectives involved, examines how the safety gains and convenience of connected driving can be reconciled with the protection of drivers' fundamental rights.

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