Thorun, C.Corporate Digital Responsibility: Corporate responsibility in the digital world

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Christian Thorun

Release date:
November 2017

Case studies on digital transformation, Springer Gabler, pages 173–191

Consumer confidence is a core resource of the digital economy. For only if consumers trust companies that their personal data will not be misused and they will not be left alone in case of problems with digital applications will digital transformation in the B2C sector succeed. Businesses should therefore strive to maintain and promote consumer confidence. This mission is referred to in this paper as Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR). In line with the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection, the concept of Corporate Digital Responsibility is being brought to life in terms of content for the consumer group. The core conclusion of the chapter is that companies should extend their traditional approaches to corporate social responsibility, which have so far focused primarily on negative externalities in the areas of environment, human rights, social issues and the digital world. They should also systematically examine whether new digital solutions can help to address societal challenges successfully.

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