Vogelpohl, T. & Simons, A.Controversies about sharing – PeerSharing working report 2

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Thomas Vogelpohl & Arno Simons

Release date:
December 2015

Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW)

The paper analyzes ongoing controversies over online peer-to-peer sharing and draws initial conclusions for strategy development. The analysis comprises a view on general controversies on sharing as a (new) social practice as well as a view on specific controversies over online peer-to-peer sharing in the mobility and accommodation sectors. As the analysis shows, actors have different perspectives and expectations with regards to potential pros and cons of the new sharing practices and the latter’s social, economic and ecological impacts. New regulatory demands emerge in both sectors under study. A key question is if and how the legal system should distinguish between commercial and non-commercial forms of sharing. On a more abstract level the societal goals associated with peer-to-peer sharing should be clarified among all stakeholders.

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