Boos, A., T. Brönneke & A. Wechsler (Eds.)Consumption and sustainable development – Rethinking consumer policy

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Adrian Boos, Tobias Brönneke & Andrea Wechsler (Eds.)

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Publication series of the Institute for European Economic and Consumer Law, Volume 40, Nomos publishing, Baden-Baden

What exactly do we mean by sustainable consumption and how can it be achieved? In this volume, the authors ask whether sustainability is possible at all in a consumer society and agree that the path currently being pursued is not viable. More than twenty articles discuss different aspects divided into the four main topics of the current state of the debate: the free choice of consumers, consumer competence, the practical implementation of behavioural change and potential incentives to bring this about. While the authors agree that further research at the consumer level is needed for us to understand the background to sustainable consumption better, this volume provides a comprehensive overview of the current state of various strands of the discussion. The topics it covers include the interaction between efficiency and sufficiency, and it compiles exciting contributions by authors from a wide range of disciplines on the topic of ‘Consumption and Sustainable Development: Rethinking Consumer Policy’.

With contributions by Tobias Brönneke, Mario Schmidt, Angelika Zahrnt, Hubertus Primus, Jürgen Stellpflug, Stephan Lorenz, Angela Häußler, et al.

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