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Project for the DIN Consumer CouncilConsumers requirements for "smart" toys in standardization

Project period: 
June 2019 - October 2019

DIN Consumer Council

The range of "smart" toys - i.e. toys that can react appropriately to the actions and behaviour of users through integrated software - is becoming increasingly diverse while digitization is futher developing. As a result, sales figures are rising. At the same time, "smart" toys represent a relatively new and young product group. Many consumer requirements for such toys have not yet been formulated as rules - for example in the form of a formal standard - and have thus not been defined as protection standards and level playing fields for the manufacturers of the toys.

The DIN Consumer Council, which represents the interests of consumers in standardization, has therefore commissioned ConPolicy with a study to answer questions on "smart" toys in four working packages:

  1. Definition and categorisation of "smart" toys: what is meant by "smart" toys and what kind of categories exist?
  2. Consumer requirements for "smart" toys: what are the main requirements for "smart" toys from the consumer's point of view? What are the positions of consumer organisations and other relevant institutions on this issue?
  3. Comparison with existing requirements in formal standards: are the identified consumer requirements already addressed in the existing formal standards? If not, what should be done and are new standards needed?
  4. Developing concrete proposals for action: what do these changes mean for the work of the DIN Consumer Council and how should it react? 

For this, expert interviews and workshops will be conducted as part of the study in addition to literature research

The results of the study can be requested from the DIN Consumer Council.

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