EBAConsumer trends report 2018/19

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European Banking Authority

Release date:
January 2019

European Banking Authority, report

The Founding Regulation of the European Banking Authority (EBA) requires it to collect, analyse and report on consumer trends, which the EBA does in the form of its Consumer Trends Report (CTR), which is published regularly. The report covers the retail banking products and services that fall within the EBA’s consumer protection mandate, such as mortgages, consumer credit, deposits, payment accounts, payment services and electronic money. It reflects on the trends observed in the European Union (EU) in respect of these products and services and on the issues identified by competent authorities (CAs) that may result in consumer detriment. This edition of the report identifies the following main findings for each of those products and services: Mortgages, consumer credit, payment services and e-payment, payment accounts and deposits.

The report also outlines the topical issues that the EBA has identified as being relevant to consumers in the EU as identified by various stakeholders, including CAs, national and EU consumer associations, the members of the Financial Dispute Resolution Network and EU industry associations. The topical issues for this edition of the CTR are in order of relative importance, and identify actions that the EBA and CAs may decide to carry out, taking into account relevant legislative developments that the European Commission and/or EU co-legislators may be initiating.

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