Heidbrink, L. & S. Müller (eds.)Consumer Social Responsibility – On the social responsibility of consumers

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Ludger Heidbrink & Sebastian Müller (eds.)

Release date:
November 2020

Metropolis publishing, Weimar near Marburg

The term Consumer Social Responsibility (ConSR) has not yet been established in research and the public the same way that its counterpart has – the term Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). While almost all larger companies now have CSR programs and the EU has turned corporate social responsibility from a purely voluntary to a partially binding practice, it is still not clear what the social responsibility of consumers is and what parallels between consumer and corporate social responsibility exist.

The aim of this volume is to deepen the scientific and political discussion about the term ConSR. The innovative content of the ConSR lies not only in having a consumer ethical counterpart to the CSR term in the future. Due to its interdisciplinary design, the ConSR term is particularly well suited to promoting consumer policy research. Policy recommendations and political measures that are relevant for specific planning in ministries, companies, consumer associations and institutions can also be derived from the contributions in the volume.

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