Consumer Rights and fair business principles to be defended in the digital environment - New TACD resolution

In a new resolution the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue urges that consumer rights have to be better protected in the digital environment. US and European consumer organizations criticize that in the digital marketplace consumers are often forced to adhere to terms and conditions imposed by business, that terms and conditions are far from transparent and that particularly in “cloud” computing and social networks providers often use consumer information and content for own purposes. 

The consumer organizations call upon EU and US governments to

  • Regulate the creation or amendment of legal instruments by requiring that consumer contracts must be explicitly agreed to by consumers and be concise, simple and readable.
  • Vigorously enforce the laws.
  • Ensure effective and appropriately sufficient penalties.

The Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue is a forum of US and EU consumer organisations which develops and agrees on joint consumer policy recommendations to the US government and the European Union to promote the consumer interest in EU and US policy making. Once a year representatives of the organizations come together at a meeting to present their concerns and recommendations to policy-makers.


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Source: TACD