Brönneke, T., A. Willburger & S. Bietz (Eds.)Consumer law enforcement – Consumer access to justice

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Tobias Brönneke, Andreas Willburger & Sabine Bietz (Eds.)

Release date:
April 2020

Publishing series of the Institute for European economic and consumer law, Volume 43, Nomos publishing

Consumer rights run empty if they are not enforced. The civil law collective legal protection has gained new facets with the model declaratory and data protection action. Out-of-court dispute resolution is gaining importance. The German Federal Cartel Office and other administrative authorities are also given new tasks in the field of consumer protection. Nevertheless, the access of consumers to justice continues to face special obstacles and there are striking enforcement deficits in the area of consumer protection. In this volume, different perspectives from science and practice have their say. The multifaceted work presents the various enforcement instruments, organizes them into an overall system, shows difficulties and gaps and enriches the legal policy debate with concrete proposals.

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