Bala, C. et al. (Eds.)Consumer education: A long way to becoming a responsible consumer

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Christian Bala, Marit Buddensiek, Petra Maier & Wolfgang Schuldzinski (Eds.)

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Contributions to consumer research, volume 10, consumer association NRW

What constitutes consumer education? The imparting of skills in order to be able to buy safely in different markets? Or the ability to question consumption and consumption habits? It was not just the decision of the German conference of education ministers on consumer education in 2013 that contributed to the introduction of school consumer education in many federal states and in some cases it has already been implemented. In this context, the "responsible consumer" is mentioned as the educational goal. If the goal of consumer education is to empower people to be responsible citizens, then it must teach both: skills as well as reflection competences.

The current anthology of the Competence Center for Consumer Research North Rhine-Westphalia (KVF NRW) is intended to contribute to the scientific foundation of theoretical and practical aspects of consumer education and thus to make it usable for consumer work. For example, the question will be explored as to what potential there is in basic financial education or how competencies can be strengthened through behavioral science approaches.

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