ConPolicy to provide behavioural studies to the European Commission

A consortium which is led by London Economics and which comprises also of Nuffield College (University of Oxford), Ipsos MORI and ConPolicy has entered a framework contract with the European Commission. The objective is to provide studies related to consumer and citizen behaviour by means of behavioural methods in the coming four years.

The Commission’s Work Programme for 2011, adopted by Commission Decision C (2010) 9023 of 16.12.2010, provides that DG SANCO, in line with its data strategy, will continue its efforts to upgrade the content, quality and dissemination of its evidence base of statistics and other qualitative and quantitative data relating to consumers and their concerns.

The objective of the Framework Contract is to provide the Executive Agency for Health and Consumers (EAHC), DG SANCO and other Commission Services with studies related to consumer and citizen behaviour, as a result of a sound, professional and scientific analysis.

The following tasks will be performed under the Framework Contract:

  • Preparatory review of the behavioural economics literature, gathering of data on prevailing commercial practices, collection of survey data on consumer’s self-reported preferences, and review of policy remedies;
  • Collection of first-hand information through behavioural laboratory and/or field experiments and also, where deemed necessary, complementary surveys;
  • Analysis of results and policy recommendations.


Source: ConPolicy - Institute for Consumer Policy