Simplifying privacy policiesConPolicy presents study results on the "One-Pager" at the BMJV

Within the platform-group-meeting "consumer policy in the digital world", which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection, Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun and Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner presented the results of ConPolicy’s study on the One-Pager. The One-Pager is a short version of the privacy policy, which was developed within the platform-group and aims at presenting data processing fast, in a comprehendible language and on one page.

The study was conducted in January 2017 and is part of the research project "Consent 2.0: Development and validation of recommendations in order to support consumers’ privacy consent", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. The main research question focused on the impact of the One-Pager on consumers’ behavior, understanding and individual attitudes.

Results will be published soon.