Collecting ideas in the workshop "Digital competences for sustainable consumption"ConPolicy participated in workshop on sustainable consumption in the digital world

As part of our project "Digitalization of markets and lifestyles. New Challenges for Sustainable Consumption" ConPolicy employee Dr. Viola Muster, together with IÖW and Dr. Gerd Scholl and Steffen Bahnsen, conducted a virtual workshop on the topic "Digital competences for sustainable consumption" on September 1st. What digital competences do consumers need in order to achieve sustainable consumption in the digital world? This question was to be answered in the workshop. An exciting workshop group with different experts from science, civil society, politics and administration came together. All agreed that the interrelationship and synergies between digital education and education for sustainable consumption can be improved.

Many fruitful ideas were developed on how to promote the digital competences of consumers for sustainable consumption. These included, for example, the development of a guiding perspective for school communities on linking digitalization and sustainable consumption, making digital-sustainable consumption tangible, e.g. by exploring search engines, and increasing the collection and dissemination of existing initiatives and best practices.

In a second workshop in October the best ideas will be concretized and prepared for implementation. A pilot project will be implemented at the end. More information about this and the other workshop series within the project can be found here.