ConPolicy-Director presents study on the institutional landscape for consumer policy in Germany and moderates FES-symposium

The Great Coalition plans to realign consumer policy in Germany and has proposed a multitude of measures to both strengthen and restructure its institutional landscape.

In a symposium organized today by the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation, State Secretary Gerd Billen,  Jochen Homann (President of the Federal Network Agency), Dr Elke König (President of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority), Klaus Müller (Director of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations) und Andreas Mundt (President of the Bundeskartellamts) discuss current shortcomings as well as future requirements of a  future-oriented institutional landscape for consumer policy in Germany. ConPolicy-Director Prof Dr Christian Thorun moderates the symposium and presents a corresponding study that was conducted for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.

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Source: Friedrich Ebert Foundation