ConPolicy Director appointed to the independent advisory board of the Association for Self-Regulation of the Information Economy

The Association for Self-Regulation of the Information Economy (SRIW) aims at increasing and preserving the trust of citizens and consumers in the Internet. On 11th of July 2013 the association established an advisory board to solicit expert feedback about fundamental questions of consumer protection and privacy and about aspects regarding self-regulation and self-control. The association nominated the following people to the board:  Peter Batt (Federal Ministry of the Interior), Prof Dr jur. Hans Peter Bull (Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information a.D., University of Hamburg), Dr Rainer Metz (Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection), Prof Dr Gerald Spindler (University of Göttingen) and the Director of the ConPolicy GmbH, Prof Dr Christian Thorun. Prof Spindler was nominated as Chairman and Prof Thorun as Vice-Chairman of the board.