Communication and change processesConPolicy contributes to the Darmstadt Transformation Days

How should knowledge be communicated in order to be recognized by politics and society and to be translated into concrete actions? This question was addressed by the Darmstadt Transformation Days under the title "Shaping Change, Accompanying Change: Science and Communication", jointly hosted by the Schader Foundation and the Institute for Social-Ecological Research (ISOE).

ConPolicy project manager Dr. Max Vetter highlighted the importance of individual action for transformation processes in his keynote "Change through behavior - changed behavior: The role of communication for individual behavioral change". Based on social-psychological theories, he pointed out certain communicational aspects hindering as well as fostering behavior change, especially regarding sustainable behavior.

Max further elaborated on this perspective of behavioral-sciences on transformation and change processes in a lunch talk on nudging.

More on this topic can also be found in an interview on