Dialogue formats on behalf of the Forum WaschenConceptual design and implementation of stakeholder workshops

Project period:
June 2012 – present

Forum Waschen    

Sustainable consumption requires that consumers have access to products and services which are as sustainable as possible and that, consumers moreover also use these products responsibly. These are precisely the goals of the Forum Waschen in the area of laundry and household cleaning: The Forum Waschen is a Germany-wide multi-stakeholder initiative for sustainable action. Stakeholders from public and private institutions are developing information, advice, actions and recommendations for sustainable laundry washing, household maintenance and cleaning. In February 2011, the Forum Waschen was awarded with the "Werkstatt-N" quality label by the German Council for Sustainable Development 

Since 2012, ConPolicy has supported Forum Waschen in the conception and implementation of stakeholder workshops. For this purpose, the institute plans the events and also handles the invitation and participant management as well as the event moderation.

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