Certification to success – Sustainable management with trust and transparency

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Rainer Friedel & Edmund A. Spindler

Release date:
June 2016 


Gabler Publishing, Springer Professional Media

This publication presents successful certification systems and their applications. It conveys the basics regarding the certifications of products, services and management systems in the areas of sustainability, ecology, climate protection and food safety. This volume focuses on how certifications can be used for attaining economic and social goals, preserving the environment, increasing consumer trust and shows which respective requirements have to be met for this. 

The economy relies increasingly on certifications and also among consumers these norms and proofs serve as an orientation and hedge for purchase decisions. However, the worldwide 1.1 million certificates represent different levels of transparency and trust. This book presents experiences and new ideas on how certification systems can maintain and further develop their role in the economy and society.

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