Biggest British energy companies beaten by smaller rivals on satisfaction

Today the British comparative testing organization Which? published the results of a consumer satisfaction survey. 10,000 consumers were asked about their experience with energy companies regarding the value for money, customer service, complaints handling, clarity and accuracy of bills and how they help customers to save energy.

Only two of the major suppliers, E.On and SEE, scraped in to the top ten (out of 15), sharing the 9th position. 

Which? concludes that the results showed yet again how the energy market was broken with the largest suppliers, who dominate the market, failing to compete on customer satisfaction as well as price. Which? executive director, Richard Lloyd, said: “Yet again customers have told us they are fed up with the way the biggest energy companies treat them, but the complexity of energy tariffs makes it hard to shop around. The Government’s energy reforms need to go much further to increase competition so that suppliers are under pressure to raise their game and keep their prices in check.”


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Source: Which?