Australian and Spanish consumer organizations to present awards for good and bad corporate practices

World Consumer Rights Day will be celebrated on the 15th of March 2010. On this account Australian and Spanish consumer organizations invite consumers to vote on good and bad corporate practices. 

CHOICE of Australia will present awards to the very best goods and services in the categories including best retailer, best baby brand, best technology innovator, best food endorsement program and best low-fee bank account. Furthermore, the CHOICE Heritage Award will be awarded to the brand that has consistently topped CHOICE’s product tests over the past five decades.

Nick Stace, CHOICE CEO said: “We think it’s time to hand out some carrots to reward behaviour which benefits consumers as well as the sticks to those who merit criticism.”

The Spanish consumer organization FACUA invites consumers to choose the “Worst company of the year”. A list of nominees will be made public in late February. Following that, consumers will be able to vote through the website.

FACUA aims to highlight irresponsible, abusive and fraudulent corporate practices that enrich companies at the expense of infringing consumer rights. Instead it hopes to promote more responsible practices.


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Soures: CHOICE and FACUA