Reisch, L. A., S. Bietz & H.-W. MicklitzAlgorithms and consumers. A study on behalf of the Ministry for Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart

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Lucia A. Reisch,  Sabine Bietz & Hans-W. Micklitz

Release date:
August 2020

Research Center for Consumers, Markets and Politics | CCMP (Ed.)

The CCMP, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Hans-W. Micklitz conducted a comprehensive study on the effects of future technologies on consumers. This study sheds light on data risks and potential negative psychological consequences as well as the great, underestimated potential for consumers. Thus, algorithms can support decisions and increase transparency. The study shows recommendations for action in order to take advantage of the benefits of modern technology and to protect oneself against the negative consequences.

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