BITA Menu for Change – Using behavioral science to promote sustainable diets around the world

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The Behavioral Insights Team

Release date:
January 2020

Behavioral Insights Ltd., report

In this report we make the case for a global shift towards more sustainable and healthier diets. Using the latest and most well-evidenced behavioral science, we have outlined 12 strategies for promoting sustainable diets. Each strategy offers a route through which governments, retailers, producers, restaurants, campaigners and consumers can help deliver a more sustainable food system. The strategies are: 

  1. Incentivise product innovation and reformulation (e.g. through a carbon tax)
  2. Market plant-based food as aspirational, delicious, and indulgent
  3. Use novel in-store/in-app promotions, incentives and games
  4. Campaign with pride, positivity, and pragmatism
  5. Raise awareness, and build a mandate for strong policy
  6. Publicise the desirable norm, and lead by example
  7. ‘Re-brand’ plant-based food towards a mainstream identity, and promote more mainstream dishes
  8. Integrate (don’t segregate) the plant-based produce
  9. Eco-labels and supermarket ratings
  10. Ease the change with ‘rules of thumb’, tips and recipes
  11. Prompt sustainable choices at timely moments
  12. Edit the choice architecture, to make sustainable options more prevalent, more prominent, and the default choice

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