Marlene Münsch

Project Manager

Marlene Münsch
Project Manager

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Marlene Münsch is project manager for consumer research at ConPolicy and responsible for conducting scientific studies and consultancy projects in the field of consumer behavior, consumer policy and behavioral insights. Her main topics include sustainable consumption, environmental awareness, mobility and sustainability communication. A central interest for her is the development of effective instruments for consumer information and the promotion of environmentally conscious behavior, taking into account social acceptance. 

Marlene Münsch is an expert in empirical social research. Her methodological focus is on planning, conducting and evaluating quantitative surveys and behavioral science experiments, qualitative research methods such as focus groups (on- and offline), in-depth interviews or user experience tests, conducting evaluations of measures or programs as well as participatory and co-creative methods.

Marlene Münsch studied Psychology with a minor in Behavioral Economics at the University of Groningen (Netherlands), the ELTE University Budapest (Hungary) and Leiden University (Netherlands), where she completed her Master of Science with distinction. Her studies focused mainly on Consumer and Environmental Psychology. In her Bachelor thesis she researched the influence of littering and social norms on sustainable decisions. In her Master thesis she conducted a behavioral public goods experiment. She is an active member of the initiative Psychology in Environmental Protection (IPU e.V.).

Before joining ConPolicy, she was a research associate at ISIconsult Institute for Social Innovation. Previously, she was a research assistant at the department of social and organizational psychology at the University of Groningen and held positions in quantitative market research at Ipsos and in the division consumer and market insights at L'Oréal. Here she conducted empirical studies and workshops on consumer behavior and trends in the consumer goods sector.

Selected publications

  • Grothmann, T., Frick, V., Harnisch, R., Münsch, M., Kettner, S.E. & Thorun, C. (2023). Umweltbewusstsein in Deutschland 2022. Ergebnisse einer repräsentativen Bevölkerungsumfrage. BMUV & UBA
  • Münsch, M., Muster, V. & Iran, S. (2022). (Nicht) meine Dinge – Konzepte und Praxis-Methoden zur Besitzbegrenzung und -reduktion, 1. Arbeitspapier im Rahmen des Projektes „MeinDing!“ – Ich bin, was ich nicht habe.
  • Muster, V., Iran, S. & Münsch, M. (2022). The cultural practice of decluttering as household work and its potentials for sustainable consumption. Frontiers in Sustainability.
  • Diels, J., Münsch, M. & Thorun, C. (2022). Jugend und Konsum II: Beteiligungsformate für nachhaltigen Konsum. Umweltbundesamt, Texte | 79/2022.
  • Binder, F. et al. (2022). Putting users in the loop: How user research can guide AI development for a consumer-oriented self-service portal. In: Rauterberg, M. (ed) Culture and Computing. HCII 2022. Vol 13324, Springer.

Selected lectures and presentations

  • SCP2023 - 5th SCORAI, 21st ERSCP, and Wageningen University Conference: Transforming Consumption-Production Systems Toward Just and Sustainable Futures: Lifestyle minimalism and decluttering: Helpful or harmful for sustainable consumption? (Wageningen, July 06 2023)
  • TUM Heilbronn Workshop: Facilitating environmental decisions using choice architecture: New lessons from the lab and field: Making changes in mobility behavior easi(er): Complementary effects and limitations of choice architecture (Heilbronn, May 26 2023)
  • 5th symposium on rethinking consumption: Do we have enough? Sufficiency and moderation of consumption as a path to a more sustainable future: (Not) My thing – Possession reflection and reduction through decluttering as a contribution to sufficiency consumption? (Vienna, September 22, 2022)
  • Event series IVM.UM.NEUN.PENDELN.FRM.EINE.STUNDE: Working, living and commuting from the perspective of commuters (Virtual, March 16, 2022)
  • Expert Dialogue 'Digitization and Citizen Communication in the Circular Economy' of the BMU and UBA: Keynote Speech: Making Sustainable Consumption Easy with Findings from Behavioral Science (Virtual, November 10, 2021)

Selected moderations

  • REWE Group: Expert dialogue on the Nutri-Score and the ErnährWert (Virtual, June 18, 2021)