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[Translate to English:] Strukturen für eine zukunftsfähige Verbraucherpolitik

Consumer policy

Consumer policy aims at both protecting and empowering consumers. ConPolicy advises on which structures, instruments and institutions are necessary for this purpose. more


Consumer policy instruments

The toolbox of consumer policy ranges from prohibitions to incentives, from "nudges" to consumer information and education. ConPolicy advises on effective and custom-fit consumer policy instruments. more

Behavioral Insights

Consumer behavior is a key lever for change. ConPolicy utilizes knowledge from psychology and behavioral economics for achieving consumer policy goals. more

Sustainable consumption

To achieve international climate objectives, the behavior of consumers is crucial. ConPolicy advises on the promotion of sustainable consumption. more


Digitalization bears both opportunities and risks for consumers. ConPolicy analyzes, evaluates and shapes digitalization for consumers. more

Corporate Digital Responsibility

The topic of corporate responsibility needs to be reconsidered in the digital age. ConPolicy advises on strategies to effectively implement the idea of corporate digital responsibility. more


The choice of individual or public transport represents an important part of daily consumer decisions. ConPolicy investigates the role of mobility for consumers and develops solutions to promote sustainable mobility behavior. more

Special consumer groups

Consumers are not a homogeneous group with the same needs and challenges. ConPolicy recognizes this heterogeneity and advises on initiatives, measures and instruments for special consumer groups. more