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Study for the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg"Wegweiser-App": Consumer Information, Consumer Advice and Arbitration

Together with co2online, ConPolicy conducted a study on how the access and quality of consumer information on the Internet could and should be improved. The starting point was whether and how consumers could find existing information online and whether the development of an app – or other digital services ­– could provide better access to consumer information.

Five steps were carried out to answer the research questions:

  1. Analysis: analysis of consumers' search behaviour for pre-contractual and post-contractual consumer information in the areas of economic and legal consumer protection and identification of current shortcomings in online consumer information.
  2. Concept development: Development of three approaches to effectively address the identified deficits.
  3. Evaluation: Review of the solutions through expert interviews and focus groups
  4. Consultation: Discussion of the solutions in an expert workshop and development of further options.
  5. Conclusions: Development of final recommendations for action.


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