Results of an empirical studyThe evaluation of the Button Solution

Release date: 
January 2015

MMR – Multimedia und Recht, pages 3–27

In recent years, many consumers have been victims of hidden costs and subscription traps from online retailers. Lawmakers responded with the law to better protect consumers against hidden costs in e-commerce, which entered into force in August 2012. This article summarizes the results of an evaluation of the law, with regard to four evaluation parameters: the extent to which the goals were achieved, implementation costs for companies, unintended side effects and acceptability. The evaluation showed that the law reaches its objective. However, many companies see a challenge in the fact that the law contains a number of vague legal terms that lead to legal uncertainty. The authors conclude that this legal uncertainty should not be countered by clarifying the law, but through co-regulation mechanisms. Moreover, it is important to strengthen law enforcement and consumer information.

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