Study for DIN Consumer councilConsumer security knowledge and behavior in the digital space

Project period: 
June – December 2022

DIN Verbraucherrat

As digitization shapes everyday consumer life, consumers are confronted with new challenges and risks regarding the IT security of their devices. A growing number and intensity of threats contrasts with stagnation in the topics of security knowledge and security behavior.

Against this backdrop, the study commissioned by the DIN Consumer Council (DIN-VR) aimed to survey consumer knowledge and behavior with regard to IT security, as well as requirements and wishes for further development of framework conditions and support measures. The focus here was on security aspects of IoT devices.

To this end, an inventory of consumer knowledge and behavior with regard to IT security was conducted. A representative consumer survey was conducted on the blind spots identified in the current state of research. Conclusions for consumer policy and for standardization were derived from the comparison between the results of the survey and current regulations and standards.

The results of the study can be found here

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