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Project for the Otto Group​​​​​​​Consulting project on Corporate Digital Responsibility

Project period:
September 2017 – July 2018

Otto Group

Digitalization changes our society. Consumers use the internet for shopping, communicate with their smartphone and participate in social networks. This development of digital technologies will continue and the use of algorithms (artificial intelligence) as well as the analysis of large amount of data (big data) will become more important. These developments offer great opportunities, but also imply major challenges for society.

The more relevant digitalization becomes in companies, the more they have to deal with their digital responsibility. As one of the first companies in Germany, the Otto Group has started a structured process analyzing their responsibility in the digital world. ConPolicy consulted the group in several workshops and conducted a gap-analysis to identify potential opportunities challenges resulting from digital transformation.

In addition, ConPolicy accompanied and conducted the moderation of the Otto-workshop "Corporate Digital Responsibility: What is our responsibility as a company in the digital economy?" at the re:publica 2018.

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