All moderations by Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner

  • Federal Office for Radiation Protection: Workshop on the implementation of nudging in UV-protection (Virtual, July 21, 2020)
  • Conference of the BMJV-CDR-Initiative: Experiencing Digitalization: Workshops on the methods (scenario-technique) of the CDR-Initiative (Berlin, April 02, 2019)
  • WZB-Mercator Forum 2018: Big Data 4 Policy (Berlin, December 07, 2018)
  • Systain/ConPolicy Leaders' Circle - Corporate Digital Responsibility: Workshop "Beyond GDPR, voluntary measures to improve customers' privacy" (Berlin, September 27, 2018)
  • re:publica 2018: Corporate Digital Responsibility: What is our responsibility as a company in the digital economy? (Berlin, May 03, 2018)