Samson, A. (Hrsg.)The Behavioral Economics Guide 2017


Alain Samson (Hrsg.) & Cass Sunstein (Einleitung)

Juni 2017

Behavioral Science Solutions Ltd, ISSN 2398-2020

This editorial provides a small 2016-2017 snapshot of BE's (behavioral economics) ongoing growth. The first section shows how one of the core ideas of BE, namely prospect theory and loss aversion, continues to inspire research and applications, while the remainder of the editorial presents a selective ‘year in review’ by summarizing a handful of key publications. The first two sections outline information avoidance theory and organizational perspectives on decision-making, including evidence-based management, which are good examples of how economists have become inspired by psychology and psychologists by economics. The last section, on the psychology of financial decision-making, illustrates connections between BE, psychology, and neuroscience, and serves as an interesting example in the search for parsimony in BE.

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