Batalla-Bejerano, J. E. Trujillo-Baute & M. Villa-ArrietaSmart meters and consumer behavior: Insights from the empirical literature


Autorinnnen und Autoren:
Joan Batalla-Bejerano, Elisa Trujillo-Baute & Manuel Villa-Arrieta

September 2020

Energy Policy, Volume 144

This paper summarizes the insights to be gained from a systematic literature review of empirical research devoted to behavioral considerations associated with the use of smart meters and energy information feedback. Above and beyond the mass rollout of smart meters, there are various behavioral considerations that can affect the way in which consumers react to information enabling the adaptation of their consumption behavior in response to dynamic pricing. Indeed, many empirical studies have been conducted in various countries aimed at determining how consumers respond to feedback on their consumption and prices. However, if users fail to demonstrate a pro-active attitude, they cannot hope to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by new technologies. By reporting a systematic analysis of bibliographic references, this article seeks to further understanding as to why consumers behave as they do when managing their demand, a process that, ultimately, is for the benefit of the electrical system, in particular, and of the whole of society, in general. The policy implications that emerge from our analysis highlight the heterogeneity of consumer engagement in demand management programs, depending on the degree of preference satisfaction achieved by means of personalized contract terms and the degree and persistence of consumer change, which are dependent on the cost, frequency and quality of information.

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