AIM – The European Brands AssociationNudging For Good – Toolkit


AIM – The European Brands Association 

Dezember 2015


AIM & BVA Nudge Unit, Online-Ressource

The European Brands Association (AIM) recently adopted an open-access support platform to assist marketing managers in encouraging consumers to act in healthier and more socially responsible ways. Brands are taking the initiative in helping consumers choose healthier and more socially responsible lifestyles. During the development phase of the toolkit, AIM has been engaging with European policy-makers, academia and NGOs to ensure their perspective was taken into account. Moreover, AIM asked the Nudge Unit of the French opinion research agency BVA and its consumer-goods research department to create a digital resource platform for marketers and stakeholders wanting to become involved with the Nudge approach.

In the NudgingforGood toolkit, AIM has set criteria for what qualifies as nudging for good. It contains instructions on the development process of Nudges as well as a number of case studies from brand manufacturers to illustrate how nudging can be applied in support of public policy goals relating to healthier diets and active lifestyles, less waste and litter, resource efficiency, good hygiene, etc. Examples include:

  • how packaging design can help limit calorie intake;
  • how appealing to consumers’ altruism can lead to less littering;
  • how well-crafted labels coupled with memorable slogans can nudge you to save energy when washing your clothes.

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