Wahlen, S. & T. WinkelHousehold food waste


Stefan Wahlen & Thomas Winkel


Smithers, G. (Hrsg.): Reference Module in Food Science, Elsevier, Seiten 1-5

Food waste is debated not only in the light of sustainable consumption in research and policy, but also in the broader public. This article focuses on food waste in household contexts, what is widely believed the end of the food chain. However, household food waste is far more complex and intricate than one might believe. The authors outline distinct features of food waste on the level of the individual consumer and along processes in the household, from food provision to storing and preparing meals and finally eating and disposing of food. Alongside, important features of household food waste relate to more structural aspects in frameworks and regulations of consumer policy. This more structural perspective is also reflected in broader food cultures in terms of norms and moralities, as well as in associated discourses.

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