Hallsworth, M. et al. Applying behavioral insights: Simple ways to improve health outcomes


Michael Hallsworth, Veerle Snijders, Hannah Burd, Jessica Prestt, Gaby Judah, Sarah Huf & David Halpern


World Innovation Summit for Health, Doha

Applying new insights about behavior can lead to better health outcomes at a lower cost. This report gives an overview of these insights and shows how they can be applied in practice. It has four key messages:

  1. In order to improve health outcomes, we need a better understanding of behavior
  2. Behavioral insights offer new solutions to policy problems
  3. Behavioral insights can improve health and healthcare
  4. Trialing interventions brings important advantages

The ideas and examples in this report can be used by anyone involved with healthcare or public health. However, we think that the report will be particularly valuable to policymakers who are responsible for designing and stewarding health systems.

There are many opportunities to improve health and healthcare worldwide by applying behavioral insights. Many of these opportunities can be realized by applying simple tools to make practical changes. We encourage policymakers to use these tools.

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