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  News about ConPolicy

ConPolicy publishes final report and policy paper on the privacy-one-pager
Better informed? Results from behavioral science on the effectiveness of the privacy-one-pager approach and further solutions for data protection

In the digital world, personal data is collected and processed in a wide variety of situations. There exist legal obligations on how consumers should be informed in a transparent manner. However, in practice consumers are often inadequately informed about data processing and "blindly" consent to it. In order to inform consumers better the so-called privacy-one-pager has been developed. It summarizes the essential information of a lengthily privacy policy on one page in a standardized form. However, it has not yet been explored whether the privacy-one-pager indeed informs consumers in a better way.

The aim of the ConPolicy study is therefore to evaluate the effectiveness of the privacy-one-pager, to classify the results, to examine further solutions, and to derive recommendations for actions. The overarching aim of the study is to show through which measures decision-making situations should be designed so that consumers are able to act according to their individual privacy preferences as simple and informed as possible.

The study summarizes the results of the research project "Development and validation of recommendations in order to support consumers’ privacy consent (Consent 2.0)". The project was funded by the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) via the Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) in the period from 01.08.2016 to 30.11.2017.

The study can be downloaded here (German). A summary of the study can be found here (German).

Study for the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
ConPolicy develops a concept for impact measurement in the Alliance for Sustainable Textiles

ConPolicy has been commissioned by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) to develop a workable approach to measure the impact of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles. The Partnership is characterized by members assuming individual responsibility but also working collectively in joint initiatives.

More information can be found here.

  Consumer policy news

Consumer protection
Claims for conciliation in the postal sector increased fourfold

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Commission ask social media companies to continue improving compliance with EU consumer rules

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Virtual currencies entail greats risks for consumers

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Consumer behavior
Parents disagree about tracking techniques to locate their children

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Tyers, R.
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