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  News about ConPolicy

New project on digitalization and sustainable consumption

Digitalization fundamentally transforms consumption and production patterns. So far, it is unclear what effects, or what opportunities and risks, digitalization will bring with it in order to promote sustainable consumption.

This project aims to systematically explore the implications of digitalization for a sustainable consumption policy and to implement practical examples of promoting sustainable consumption. For this purpose, the current state of research and the central social determinants of digitalization, which are also relevant starting points for the promotion of sustainable consumption, will be reviewed. In a workshop series, innovative ideas will be conceptually developed and implemented in collaboration with various stakeholders from civil society and practice. Finally, recommendations for further development of the National Program for Sustainable Consumption will be developed taking into account key digital trends.

ConPolicy works on this project in collaboration with the Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW), Dr. Gerd Scholl and Prof. Dr. Tilman Santarius (TU Berlin).

Further information about the project can be found here.

Presentation at the CSR-Reporting Conference
What is Corporate Digital Responsibility – and why does it affect every company?

Requirements, trends and new perspectives of sustainability reporting were discussed at the “CSR-Reporting” conference. In a deep-dive workshop ConPolicy project manager Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner presented insights on Corporate Digital Responsibility and together with Mi-Ra Tai (Deutsche Bahn) and Dr. Christian Lautermann (ioew) discussed the opportunities of digital responsibility for companies.

  Consumer policy news

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Consumer protection
Against ping calls: Prices for calls abroad have to be announced

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Digital Single Market
Commission promotes exchange of electronic health files within EU

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