BEUCWeathering the cost-of-living crisis – 8 solutions by European consumer organizations


The European Consumer Organization (BEUC)

Februar 2022

The European Consumer Organization, Artikel BEUC-X-2023-016

Europe is undergoing a 'perfect storm': the rising energy prices, only partly linked to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and its implications on other sectors (food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, products, and services linked to energy-intensive production) led to heavy inflation. While salaries remain in most countries stable, prices are skyrocketing and supply chains are being disrupted, generating among many consumers major worries about their short-term future.

Therefore, it is crucial to identify and roll out measures to address or mitigate the effects of the cost-of-living crisis for consumers. These measures call for action by different stakeholders, be they market players or policy makers. They also have different timelines and need to be targeted depending on the specific needs of certain population segments.

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